Paperless-ng is a digital document manager that makes it easy to scan, organize, and search your documents. There are many methods of installation outlined on the project page on Github, one of the most popular is running it in a docker container. The documentation only provides a way to do this through a docker-compose file and in most cases, for most people, this will be the best way of doing it. I ran into the problem of using OMV4 and not having a recent enough version of docker-compose available for it to work for me. Generally it’s easy to go through a docker-compose file and convert it to a docker run command but sometimes it can be a little more tricky when needing to link to other containers. I wanted to post the docker run command that works in case anyone else is in a similar need or situation.

Note: You may have to change some variables and volumes to suit your server.

sudo docker run -d --name paperless --restart unless-stopped --link redis:redis -p 8000:8000 -v /sharedfolders/docker/paperless/data:/usr/src/paperless/data -v /sharedfolders/docker/paperless/media:/usr/src/paperless/media -v /sharedfolders/docker/paperless/export:/usr/src/paperless/export -v /sharedfolders/public/consume:/usr/src/paperless/consume -e PAPERLESS_REDIS=redis://redis -e USERMAP_UID=1000 -e USERMAP_GID=100 -e PAPERLESS_SECRET_KEY=password -e PAPERLESS_TIME_ZONE=America/Chicago -d jonaswinkler/paperless-ng:latest

sudo docker run --name redis -d redis:6.0

After you get those two containers running then you need to create a new user by running a script within the paperless container.

sudo docker exec -it paperless bash
chmod +x ./
./ createsuperuser

And that will run a script that walks you through creating a user that you use to login to paperless.