These are the Tasker scripts that I run on my phone. If I add any in the future, I will add them at the top. Tasker is a very powerful application that allows you to run scripts on your phone and automate things. You can get it on the Google Play Store, and find a plethora of scripts here or by searching for them.

Good Morning - Download
This runs every morning as my alarm. It reads aloud, “Good morning Anthony. It is %time on %dayofweek %date. Current location is %city, %state. %weatherinformation. The sun will set at %sunset.” Also when I have upcoming vacation, I will add that it reads, “There are %numberdays days left until your vacation.” This script has some dependencies on other scripts that I have packaged into a zip.

Command List - Download
My phone will respond to certain commands via text, but sometimes I forget the commands. Texting my phone with showcommands will get a list of these commands. (Note: if you know my number, I have changed the actual commands, so don’t try to light up my phone!)

Locate Phone - Download
This is one of the text commands that my phone will respond to. If I lose my phone then I can send it gpsphone via text from any other phone and my phone will respond back with a link to a Google Map with it’s current GPS coordinates.

Ring Phone - Download
This is another text command that I use if I lose my phone but know it’s in the house somewhere. This will turn the flashlight on and play the ringtone and maximum volume for the time I specified in it.

3.5mm - Download
When I plug a 3.5mm lead into my phone and it’s during a work day, it will automatically start playing my podcasts. Otherwise if it is not during a workday, it will pop up a menu and ask if I want to start playing podcasts or music.

Power Any - Download
When I plug my phone into a charger, it will immediately turn the screen off. I hate that the screen turns on when plugging it in to charge it.

BT Speaker - Download
When connected to my bluetooth speaker, it will pop up the menu and automatically start playing depending on the choice of either podcast or music.

Flashlight - Download
Long pressing the volume down button will toggle the flashlight.

Sleep Quiet - Download
This puts the phone into Do Not Disturb mode during certain times. Most phones support this now in default settings so likely unnecessary.

VPN On - Download
This will automatically connect to my home VPN when I disconnect from WiFi.

VPN Off - Download
This will automatically turn the VPN off when I am on my home WiFi.